Aesthetic use of SUPALINE decorative BCA compliant panels for school corridors

Aesthetic use of SUPALINE decorative BCA compliant panels for school corridors

Covenant Christian School, Belrose NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   5th, April 2018

Functional, fun and Fire Retardant chequered effect in school corridors with Supaline

MCA architects faced challenges when selecting a suitable lining for the busy circulation area of a new building at Covenant Christian School at Belrose, NSW.

Designing an environment for children meant that the design team needed to find a suitable lining product which would comply with the highest BCA Fire Hazard properties as well as withstand high impact treatment, be easy to maintain and remain looking great into the future. Safety also had to be considered so any linings used had to have a completely concealed fixing system and be VOC free.

Fulfilling all these priorities often means compromising on aesthetics and design outcomes because most school budgets don’t allow for using expensive materials.

MCA found our Supaline decorative panel system fulfilled all these priorities and as this product is very economical, it would meet the tight restraints of the school’s budget.

Supaline has been used throughout the corridors in an imaginative and fun chequered pattern created by combining the warm look of our Supafinish Hoop Pine with contrasting silver. By choosing Supafinish for the finish, the architects were able to achieve this look as well as being assured that the panels would be highly durable, impact resistant and easy to maintain. The finish is consistent in grain, shade and gloss levels and is applied pre-delivery in such a way that the panels have zero VOC emissions.

All Supaline panels were supplied with a completely concealed fixing system for rapid on-site installation and in our FR MDF group 1 substrate which meets the highest BAC fire hazard regulations.

This project demonstrates how Supaline panels in Supafinish can meet all the priorities and demands in designing for a school environment and yet still achieve functionality and superb visual appeal to any type of interior application.

Project: Covenant Christian School

Address: 212 Forest Way, Belrose NSW

Product: SUPALINE - for more information go here >>>

Finishes: SUPAFINISH laminate concept veneer in Sliver and Hoop Pine - for more information about our Finishes go here >>>

Architect: MCA Architects

Builder: Reitsma Construction Pty Ltd

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