St Mary’s Cathedral College Music & Archives Area Upgrade, Sydney NSW

Custom SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE application creates unique 3D feature

Within the music and rehearsal rooms of the new St Mary’s Cathedral College Music & Archives area upgrade, were custom sawtooth walls, created using a mix of SUPACOUSTIC and SUPALINE.

SUPAWOOD collaborated with the architect and installer on the project to design a framing and mounting system that not only created the perfect acoustically sound solution, but also reached the FR requirements of the education space. On top of this, the system needed to be practical and easy to install on-site.

Further to the sawtooth feature of the project, SUPASLAT was used to line walls and ceilings in the lobby area to connect the spaces of the building with the consistent Tas Oak finish. Complete shop drawings were supplied by SUPAWOOD for all areas of the project.



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Project: St Mary's Cathedral College Music & Archives Area Upgrade

Address: 2 Cathedral Street, Sydney NSW 2000


Music & Rehersal Rooms:

Custom sawtooth walls from mixed SUPALINE and SUPACOUSTIC in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

Lobby area:

SUPASLAT wall and ceiling application in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

Architect: Fulton Trotter Architects

Installer: Fitcom Interiors

Acoustic Consultant: Marshall Day Acoustics

Photography: Jimmy He - Fulton Trotter Architects

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