Mixed and Matched SUPAWOOD Lining Products Used Throughout Shopping Mall

Mixed and Matched SUPAWOOD Lining Products Used Throughout Shopping Mall

Majura Park Shopping Centre, Canberra ACT

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Mix & Match at Majura Park.

A large redundant DFO building has been refitted and extended to accommodate several major retail players, over 30 specialty shops and a 256-seat food court, transforming it into Majura Park Shopping Centre. The designers, Sanders Global, were briefed to create a central shopping and community hub for the local area as part of the Canberra Airport development precinct.

To maintain a theme throughout the mall while addressing noise reverberation, the designers wanted to unify the timber finishes over different acoustic lining products. The most economical way to achieve a guaranteed look across all product types was to source one supplier who could deliver them all.

SUPAWOOD was the obvious choice with our coordinated finishes over a diverse range of interior lining systems.

At Majura Park to achieve integration Spotted Gum was selected in two finishes options, SUPAFINISH concept veneer on SUPACOUSTIC perforated and SUPALINE panels, and SUPAVENEER natural timber veneer on MAXI BEAM.


See your project vision come to life!

Along the malls the white ceiling has been ingeniously broken up by installing alternating sections of SUPACOUSTIC perforated panels and MAXI BEAM. Lighting and other services have been integrated to give a classy look. SUPACOUSTIC panels also add warmth and dampen noise in an open court area outside one of the department stores.

The largest area is on the lowered ceiling over the large food hall where SUPALINE panels evoked a welcoming atmosphere.

Majura Park shows the benefit of working with a single supplier, SUPAWOOD, to achieve consistent finishes across a variety of products, saving valuable time.


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