The Plaza, Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW

The Plaza, Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW

MAXI BEAM Lightweight Beams and SUPASLAT Slatted Panels throughout Leagues Club Foodcourt

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, July 2022

Buchan transforms Wenty Leagues Club with FR and low VOC linings

SUPASLAT and MAXI BEAMS have been used extensively throughout stage 1 of the redevelopment of the Wenty Leagues Club in Sydney’s west. The development focused on working within the constraints of the existing building to seamlessly increase the dining facilities to 2,850sqm, including the formation of a food court called The Plaza.

The Buchan design team wanted to achieve a sophisticated look by mostly using standard lining products and sizes. However, the products also had to comply with fire rating and VOC emission requirements and maintain a consistent finish throughout a broad area.

SUPAWOOD worked with Buchan from the very beginning of the design phase to ensure that their vision could be viable and economic. All products were supplied in a fire retardant option to meet BCA requirements as well as standard sizes and low VOC finishes where possible.


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Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza

The Plaza SUPASLAT slatted void feature
Above part of The Plaza eatery area, the ceiling opens up to the second level of the club. The ceiling of the second level is lined with SUPASLAT profile 5 floating ceiling panels which have been integrated with light wells and hide services above. The edge of the void on the level 1 ceiling has been wrapped with SUPASLAT panels which extend up to meet the glass balustrade of level 2. These also have integrated lighting and are finished in SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate.

SUPAWOOD also worked closely with the contractor to meet tight deadlines, often supplying panel sizes on time at a few weeks notice. Open communication between all parties involved was maintained, which made overcoming technical issues efficient and painless. One example of this was an innovative solution devised by Supawood to conceal the fixings behind the glass balustrade in The Plaza.

Complex combinations of products and product profiles have been creatively used throughout the project. These have been installed to accommodate integrated lighting and access to hidden services.

This project shows how multiple SUPAWOOD products in standard sizes and profiles can be mixed to achieve complex aesthetically pleasing designs. Additionally, matching the finish across products can easily be accomplished.

Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza - mixed profile slatted ceiling

Multi profile SUPASLAT slatted ceiling
Part of the main ceiling in The Plaza has been lined with a floating multi profile SUPASLAT ceiling in SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate. This is integrated with lighting and other services. This floating feature hides other services above while still allowing access to them.

Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza slatted walls

SUPASLAT Slatted feature walls
Cleverly placed throughout, these slatted walls divide the large space into different types of seating areas. The walls are further defined by their profile 2 slats in a rustic finish of SUPASURFACE Grey Drift textured laminate finish set against a black background with contrasting natural horizontal divisions.

SUPASLAT Slatted shopfronts
The Plaza is a food court with a selection of food outlets. The slatted look has been continued here by using SUPASLAT in profile 1 to define the shopfronts. The finish is a durable SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate.

Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza - floating Maxi Beams

MAXI BEAM ceilings, features and frames
MAXI BEAM is used in several ways throughout the ceilings. In the area leading to the alfresco terrace, the beams have been used to form the look of a pergola. Here they mask the services overhead.

In other areas, the pergola ceiling undulates, and between the beams SUPASLAT panels have been used as a solid infil. The beams are also used to frame areas of the ceiling or as floating directional features. A SUPAFINISH Blackbutt finish has been applied to match the timber slats throughout.

MAXI BEAM at Wenty Leagues Club
Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza - Maxi Beam/Supaslat ceiling
Wenty Leagues Club The Plaza - mixed profile slatted ceiling

White mixed profile SUPASLAT slatted ceiling feature
A floating SUPASLAT mixed profile ceiling feature has been used to define the circulation area in front of the desert bar. This has been done in profiles 2 and 5, is integrated with lighting and finished in SUPAFINISH White laminate.

Wenty Leagues Club white slatted feature ceiling

White SUPASLAT slatted ceiling feature
In another area of the club, a SUPASLAT feature has been used above the windows to break up the expance of the ceiling. This feature is in profiles 2 and finished in SUPAFINISH White laminate.

What the installer said...

"Working on an install as intricate and large scale as Wenty’s Leagues can present a ton of challenges to any installer. Fortunately Dunrite Linings was able to trust in our strong longstanding partnership with Supawood through all stages of this project, which has helped remove many potential bottlenecks and deliver a stunning space to the client.

With nearly a dozen different Supawood products being installed into a single space, the architect has pulled off a dramatic vision that is both warm and inviting while still being functional and durable.

Supawood’s Project Team were always available to assist with useful design and installation advice as well as being open to any suggestions from our end. Our shared goal was always to deliver a beautiful, quality product that was remained a straightforward installation for our onsite team.

Dunrite Linings are proud to have been involved in the creation of such a signature project with Supawood and Buchan Group, and are eagerly looking forward to teaming up again on the next job." - Ian Young, Dunrite Linings

Project:  The Plaza, Wentworthville Leagues Club - stage 1 of redevelopment.

Address:  50 Smith St, Wentworthville NSW.

Product:  SUPASLAT profiles 2, 3, 4 and 5. For more information go here >>>
MAXI BEAMS 150x50, 200x50 and custom in Fire Retardant options. For more information go here >>>

Finish:  SUPAFINISH Blackbutt laminate, SUPAFINISH White laminate and SUPASURFACE Grey Drift. For more information about our Finishes go here >>><

Architect:  Buchan

Builder:  ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

Installer:  Dunrite Linings

Photography:  Keith McInnes

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