Bowral Memorial Hall, Bowral NSW

Bowral Memorial Hall, Bowral NSW

NBRS blend modern design with acoustic requirements for new auditorium project

Posted By: Colin Beattie   29th, June 2023

For the new Bowral Memorial Hall project, architect NBRS redesigned the original Queen Anne style building constructed in 1884, into a modern and versatile space that can accommodate a range of events including concerts, theatre performances, corporate functions and conferences.

The space was primarily redesigned as an amplified Orchestral Music Hall, so the importance of acoustic performance in the hall was paramount. The orchestral shell required reflecting materials with very specific construction to create diffusion through curves and scattering through angles.

For the ceiling above the stage, custom pre-curved SUPALINE solid panels were created with bevel butt-joints for a continuous appearance. SUPAWOOD also provided the framing for the panels to be installed to, to ensure seamless curves in the paneling, and importantly – ease of installation on site.

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Again, custom curved SUPALINE panels were fixed to the walls surrounding the stage, pre-curved and pre-assembled for ease of installation.

In the auditorium, side walls were provided in a custom SUPASLAT profile for sound absorption and diffusion in a high performing space. Specialised acoustic rated insulation was even provided to make sure the performance requirements of the space were met.

In all parts of the auditorium space, the SUPAFINISH concept veneer laminate was used in Tas Oak, ultimately meeting Group 1 and 2 Fire requirements of the space, whilst still delivering the warmth and aesthetic of natural timber.

Project: Bowral Memorial Hall

Address: 16-24 Bendooley Street, Bowral NSW

Architect/Designer: NBRS Architecture

Builder: Belmadar


Stage walls and ceiling:

Custom curved pre-assembled SUPALINE panels in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH concept veneer

Auditorium walls:

Custom curved pre-assembled SUPASLAT panels in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH concept veneer

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Photos: Sydney Site Photography

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