Fountains Restaurant, Box Hill VIC

Fountains Restaurant, Box Hill VIC

Ripple-like ceiling design makes a statement in restaurant modernisation

Posted By: Colin Beattie   14th, June 2022

Custom Wave Blades, finished in our SUPAFINISH concept veneer, were used to create outstanding ceiling focal points for the Fountains Restaurant modernisation, at the Box Hill Institute in Box Hill, VIC.

An upgrade of the hospitality space at the university, incorporated the 150-seat restaurant and bar, as well as specialised teaching areas including a number of commercial kitchens, a barista training room, a culinary theatre, and a specialist wine training space. Pro-Ark Architects were assigned to design the extensive space and collaborated with SUPAWOOD in particular on the feature ceilings for the main restaurant/bar area.

In keeping with the theme created for the restaurant design, the architect was drawn to the ability of SUPAWOOD to use our Wave Blade product to create a water droplet, ripple-like design. Produced in our standard natural MR MDF substrate, a grooved edge was machined on the blades to create the real-wood, ply-look finish.

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The final aesthetics of the ceiling are certainly a dramatic and eye-catching feature of the restaurant, with lighting applications installed that throw light through the blades to create the reflective water droplet, ripple-like appearance.

In the development of this design, we were able to supply the architect with 3D models and prototypes, to clarify finishes and design, ensuring the client was confident in the final product that would be installed.

Project: Fountains Restaurant, Box Hill Institute, Box Hill VIC

Address: First Floor, 465 Elgar Road, Box Hill VIC, 3128


Feature ceiling: 140mm – 290mm Wave Blades with grooved ply-look edge. Finished on SUPAWOOD standard natural MR MDF.

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Finish: SUPAFINISH concept veneer finish in Tas Oak.

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Architect: Pro-Ark Pty Ltd Architects

Installer: Pirotta Services Commercial Pty Ltd

Photography: Courtesy of Pro-Ark Architects.

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