Complex SUPASLAT Shopping Mall Ceiling where the Slats Twist and Curve in 2 Directions

Complex SUPASLAT Shopping Mall Ceiling where the Slats Twist and Curve in 2 Directions

Robina Shopping Centre Market Hall, Robina QLD

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

Architectural marvel becomes reality for shopping mallRobina Town Centre Market Hall

SUPAWOOD turned a stunning but geometrically complex concept by UK firm ACME into reality at Robina Town Centre.

SUPAWOOD designed and engineered SUPASLAT panels to not only curve but also twist in order to follow a complex and uniquely curved ceiling in the “Market Hall” addition, completed and opened in late May 2015.

Construction designed by The Buchan Group Brisbane and constructed by ADCO Construction, this project involved major renovations and extension to the Gold Coast’s largest shopping destination. The $50 million project was delivered whilst maintaining the operational capacity of the existing centre.

The slatted timber ceiling forms a wave effect which twists and curves in two directions and is integrated with south facing windows, this effect being repeated several times down the length of the mall. SUPAWOOD was the only company who were able to solve the complex shape required to allow the slatted panels to follow the intended multifaceted geometry.


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Nothing quite like this had been done before anywhere using the modular panel system that was needed to be able to install the vast expanse of the ceiling in the required program time. SUPAWOOD constructed a full size prototype to prove and test the SUPASLAT panel system solution. In addition detailed shop drawings as well as continued hands-on consultation and technical support for the recommended installer, Wadsworth Contracting, was provided during construction.

To create the effect required the slats were engineered to be curved as well as twisted and then assembled to form the arched panel sections. The “feature grade” Blackbutt natural timber slats were preshaped into banana like shapes so they would form straight lines in plan view when joined and installed.

A development of the complex shape was fashioned by using a structural steel model to ensure that fixings aligned with purlins, thereby minimizing the framing required. Tight curves down to 1000mm radius, with no visible grooves in the sides of the slats was achieved.

Panels were packed marked by bay and in the order required for installation thus reducing selection time needed to assemble the panels on site. In total 2974 m2 of panels were fabricated, delivered and installed.

By choosing the SUPASLAT panel system over alternative systems which utilised loose solid timber section, installation costs were minimized and supply of the panels met all key program dates.

“It was an architectural marvel on paper and the Supawood team made it a reality through their professionalism, skill and expertise.” Joseph Costello, Project Manager, ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd - read full testimonial…

This unique curved slatted ceiling is fast becoming a talking point and has reinforced SUPAWOOD’s proven track record for delivering complex projects to the quality standards required on time.

Project: Shopping centre 'Market Hall' extension.

Address: Robina Town Centre Drive, Robina Qld

Product/Finish: SUPASLAT custom curved panels in SUPAVENEER "featured grade" Blackbutt natural timber veneer.

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Architect: The Buchan Group Brisbane

Builder: ADCO Constructions Pty Ltd

Installer: Wadsworth Contracting Pty Ltd

Photos: RixRyan Photography



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