Lightweight MAXI BEAM Integrated With Lighting Create Dynamic Effect in Roadhouse Renovation

Lightweight MAXI BEAM Integrated With Lighting Create Dynamic Effect in Roadhouse Renovation

Shell Roadhouse, Aratula QLD

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018


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Cadway Projects 'play with' lit maxi beams in roadhouse reno.

The very popular Shell Roadhouse rest-stop at Aratula on the Cunningham Highway Queensland has had a multimillion dollar renovation and now features a dynamic use of SUPAWOOD’s Supaslat MAXI BEAM.

The architectural team at Cadway Projects had been looking for a suitable retail project in which to ‘play with’ Supawood products and this renovation presented itself as the ideal opportunity.

The design team wanted to experiment with combining LED strip lighting and Supaslat MAXI BEAM to create a visual effect with a directional cue for the store entry area.

In the main convenience store area of the complex, the designers have cleverly set out the MAXI BEAM in a geometric arrangement on the ceiling. The integrated lighting between the beams leads to key areas of the store. Where the beams meet the wall above the main counter they have been continued down the wall above it to subtly emphasise where to pay.

To help to arouse a restful welcoming feel in the interior, a SUPALAMI Light Tas Oak finish was chosen to introduce the calming warmth of timber. To further enhance this, the feature has been set against a charcoal bulkhead. The beams are supplied prefinished and very light weight, therefore rapid supply and installation enabled a tight completion time to be met.

SUPAWOOD worked closely with the designers to develop their ideas and get just the right balance of beam widths, spacing and lengths along with the integration of the lighting to achieve the exact effect they envisaged.

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This project highlights how Supaslat MAXI BEAM is truly as adaptable as the designer’s imagination and can achieve diverse creativity in any project.

Project: Shell Roadhouse shop fitout.

Address: 6776 Cunningham Hwy, Aratula QLD.

Products: Supaslat MAXI BEAM with integrated LED strip lighting.

Finish: SUPALAMI Light Tas Oak.

Architects: Cadway Projects.

Builder: Hutchinson Builders.

Installers: Demco Constructions.

Photos: Scott Burrows Photography

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