Aesthetic use of lightweight MAXI BEAM in stadium office fit-out

Aesthetic use of lightweight MAXI BEAM in stadium office fit-out

Simonds Stadium, Kardinia Park VIC

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   6th, April 2018

MAXI BEAM used for prestige sports stadium redevelopment.

MAXI BEAM light weight decorative beams have been chosen by leading architects for dramatic use in the corporate board room and administration offices of a prestige sporting venue redevelopment (Simonds Stadium Kardinia Park formerly Skilled Stadium). The project is an excellent example of the creative possibilities this innovative product can project. Strength, drama, direction and the warmth of wood!

In the administration offices at, the MAXI BEAM run the length of walkways and corridors to arouse a sense of space and direction. In these areas the beams have been used to conceal services such as air conditioning ducts while allowing for lighting, sprinklers and exit signs to be cleverly integrated. The designers have selected the warmth of wood for the finish to contrast beautifully with the raw surface of the concrete structural support beams and complement other internal textures. The finish is SUPAVENEER Blackwood Crown Cut natural timber veneer.

Once again in the corporate board room, MAXI BEAM has been used to enhance the other elements of the interior design. The beams here cleverly exaggerate the length of the boardroom table and the room as a whole. They flow superbly from one end of the room to the other and the warmth of their wood complement the wood of the table and the feature walls at either end.

Although only weighing less than 2kg per lineal meter for a 50mm thick by 200mm deep beam, the manner in which they have been used in this project has achieved the illusion that they are exceptionally strong and indeed a structural part of the overall building. This is certainly a fine example of how a designer can achieve an extraordinary outcome through the use of MAXI BEAM light weight decorative beams in a high profile project.

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