RMIT Multifaith & Wellbeing Centre, Carlton VIC

SUPASLAT solves Fire, Acoustic and Sustainability needs for Multifaith Centre.

The challenge for Idle Architecture was creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also meeting Fire Group 1 lining requirements, best practice environmentally sustainable design and durable acoustic absorption under 45mm thick.

SUPASLAT in SUPAFINISH met all these needs, being certified Fire Group 1 to AS5637, PEFC certified and only 43mm deep including the acoustic absorption airgap.

The extent of the SUPAWOOD works were SUPASLAT Profile 2 throughout the corridor walls, stairwell walls and prayer/meeting room walls. In the same finish, a streamlined look was achieved with SUPACOUSTIC perforated paneling in the foyer and top of stairwells in the building.

Standing as a testament to the collaboration and coordination between key stakeholders on the project, many different angles and unique spaces were seamlessly fitted with both the slatted and perforated panelling systems. Loose slats were even supplied to be used as window reveals, panelling under seats and even cladding for the doors.

With the unique nature of the spaces fitted with the SUPAWOOD product, shop drawings were completed and supplied by SUPAWOOD for all relevant areas. Aside from the seamless aesthetic created with the flow of products and finishes, all internal linings were PEFC certified, and created to reach a Fire Group 1 rating.

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Project: RMIT Multifaith and Wellbeing Centre

Address: 8 Orr St, Carlton VIC 30553


Corridor walls, stairwell walls, Prayer/meeting room walls:

SUPASLAT Profile 2 in Blackbutt SUPAFINISH concept veneer laminate

Foyer, top of stairwell walls:


Architect: Idle Architecture Studio

Installer: Q3 Group

Builder: Kane Constructions

Photography: Peter Bennetts Photographer

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