Lightweight MAXI BEAM ideal solution for floating ceiling over retail outlet

Lightweight MAXI BEAM ideal solution for floating ceiling over retail outlet

Trader Convenience Store, T3 Sydney Airport NSW

Posted By: Colin Beattie | CEO   5th, April 2018

MAXI BEAM open floating ceiling effect provides airflow solution for airport terminal convenience store.

Thoughtspace, the designers of a new Trader convenience store at the Qantas Terminal, Sydney Airport, were faced with the challenge of defining the store area and also maintaining adequate airflow without the expense of ducting air through an enclosed ceiling.

To solve the problem, a design was developed proposing chunky timber beams to achieve an open ceiling reminiscent of an outdoor pergola. While the design was innovative, another problem soon became apparent.

How do you create a suspended structure with heavy, solid timber beams when the supporting ceiling above can’t cope with the excessive weight of solid timber?

With a weight of only 2kg/LM for a 200m deep beam, Supawood’s lightweight MAXI BEAM provided the designers the perfect solution.

The lightness of the beams is achieved by 80% of the beam being made up of a honeycomb, recycled paper waste core. The designers were able to select from a wide choice of low maintenance, durable timber laminate finishes for the outer skin of certified MDF.

As well as removing the need for the ongoing maintenance solid timber would need, the structural stability of MAXI BEAM also eliminated any risk of warping and twisting. Most importantly, the beams could be openly spaced and successfully suspended from the ceiling above in a manner that was almost invisible.

The aesthetics of MAXI BEAM also enabled the designers to fulfil their clients brief to create a contemporary open feeling retail environment with industrial overtones aimed at attracting “grab & go” sales from passing travellers.

The end result was an airy open space with excellent airflow defined by the MAXI BEAM ceiling beams overhead and a timber flooring. Lighting, signage and other utilities were neatly integrated between the beams without blocking it in. The use of timber was complemented by bright yellow to create a welcoming and eye catching décor.

This project is an outstanding example of how MAXI BEAM can be used imaginatively.

Project: Trader Convenience Store ceiling - new build.

Address: Terminal 3, Sydney Airport NSW.

Product: MAXI BEAM.

Finish: SUPALAMI laminate in Striped Mahogany.

Designer: Thoughtspace.

Builder: All States Shopfitters.

Photography: Courtesy of Thoughtspace.

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