St Mary’s Catholic College, Block M, Woree QLD

St Mary’s Catholic College, Block M, Woree QLD

Woodgrain feature ceilings create cohesive theme throughout college rooms

Posted By: Colin Beattie   2nd, August 2022

A mix of SUPACOUSTIC perforated and MAXI BEAM were used throughout multiple areas of the St Mary’s Catholic College Block M redevelopment project, located at 53 Anderson Road, Woree QLD.

In the main lobby area, deep MAXI BEAMs were used to create a striking feature ceiling in a Tas Oak finish. Using our SUPAFINISH concept veneer finish, the product could comply with the Group 2 Fire Rating requirements of the space.

The same MAXI BEAM product was also applied to the ceilings in the boardroom.

Throughout the lobby, gymnasium/hall space, and hallways within the redevelopment, SUPACOUSTIC panels in SP1/80 perforated pattern, and SUPALINE solid panels, also finished in Tas Oak ensured the light oak feature colour scheme was carried throughout the school space, creating a continuing and cohesive theme.


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In the initial stages of the project, SUPAWOOD worked with the architect throughout the design process and were ultimately specified because of our capability for custom and complex uses with our standard products – especially in the feature ceiling in the gymnasium hall space.

Because there were specific Fire Group requirements on the project, that needed to be met, we were able to suggest our concept veneer Tas Oak woodgrain finish – SUPAFINISH – as opposed to Natural Timber Veneer, that would meet the fire requirements of the space. The architect ultimately selected and went ahead with this finish.

Project: St Mary’s Catholic College, Block M, Redevelopment

Address: 53 Anderson Road, Woree QLD


Lobby feature ceiling: MAXI BEAM 270x50mm finished in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

Boardroom feature ceiling: MAXI BEAM 270x50mm finished in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

Walls & Ceilings: SUPACOUSTIC Perforated SP1/80 & SUPALINE Solid panels in Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

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Architect: Clarke & Prince Architects

Builder: Hansen Yuncken

Installer: GATA Plastering

Photography: Courtesy of GATA Plastering

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