SUPACOUSTIC NCK Fixing noise control kits are individual prefinished acoustic panels supplied in a complete kit form and can be installed over other wall or ceiling surfaces, e.g. Plasterboard, cement render etc using our quality mounting systems.

This product is manufactured in both Australia and the UK.

This system has been specifically designed to be:

Effective acoustically with a high impact slot pattern.
Attractive aesthetically in a wide range of finishes
Flexible and adaptable to suit any site conditions (stand alone panels with no requirement for careful measuring)
5 sizes (2390x1190, 1790x1190, 1190x1190, 2390x590 & 1190x590) for easy installation between existing lights and services.
Simple 4 step installation instructions included.
Easy to calculate project costs.

Besides the SUPACOUSTIC NCK Fixing noise control kits, SUPAWOOD have a full range of finish and panel options, including solid panels for non-acoustic aesthetic applications.

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