5 Reasons WAFFLE BLADES are The Hottest Design Trend in Australia

Architects are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to disrupt conventional design and pushing boundaries to create spaces that are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing as well. If you haven't considered using WAFFLE BLADES or a geometric shaped ceiling lining for your next project, here are 5 reasons you might wish to reconsider using the latest quick install design trend that is taking Australia by storm! 

1. Think outside the square

WAFFLE BLADES allow you not only to create a cubic style design that imitates a real-life waffle or square shape. However, that can also be a great design choice, WAFFLE BLADE also allows you to unlock and explore other geometric shapes as they are fully customisable and enable you to produce any cubic design that your heart (or project) desires. Triangles, rectangles, squares parallelogram’s and much more. The choice is yours!

Here are some great examples of non-waffle WAFFLE BLADE designs. 


2. Introduce biophilic warmth into design 

 WAFFLE BLADES have the extra benefit of being a great way to add biophilic warmth to any interior space such as high traffic communal areas. The use of natural wood is a crucial element in biopholic design as it improves happiness, productivity, and creativity. WAFFLE BLADES are a quick and easy way of injecting the benefits of this architectural trend into any space.

3. Easily include and maintain integrated services 

Another benefit of the open cubic and geometric shapes of the WAFFLE BLADE product makes it a dream when it comes to integrating services and the ongoing maintenance required for them once the project has been handed over to the owner. For example, the open configuration allows standard light fittings in the ceiling area to illuminate the space or to utilise natural light from a skylight. If lighting is an area of interest to you, we also recommend reading this blog post: “How can I integrate lights into a beam or blade ceiling”

4. Vastly reduce installation time  
Especially with fit-out projects, time can often be of the essence. WAFFLE BLADES has been specifically designed by the SUPAWOOD R&D team to achieve attractive design for the architect combined with the benefit of rapid installation for the builder and installer. This makes it a great choice for projects with tight deadlines. We are pleased to have achieved a product design that is the perfect balance between efficiency and excellence.

5. Are they acoustically sound and compliant? 

One first impressions, WAFFLE BLADES might not look as acoustically robust as some other products. However, the shape of the WAFFLE BLADE is already the beginning of the acoustic journey. From there we can work with you to introduce other elements such as our SUPABAB acoustic lining as well as perforated panels that will bring the acoustic rating up to the standard required without compromising any design intent.

With regards to fire compliance, WAFFLE BLADES are available in five group 2 fire rating options depending on the compliance requirements of your project. We also have a certificate of compliance for our system should this be required.

We wouldn’t expect you to just take our word for how impressive the WAFFLE BLADE product is so here are examples of projects across Australia where architects have chosen to use geometric shapes to bring their design to life. Are you ready to embrace the hottest design trend in Australia for 2024? Get in touch with us today to learn more or to book a face-to-face consultation.


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