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About SUPASLAT Timber Slat Panels & Fire Ratings

To clear confusion, SUPAWOOD products are fire retardant and designed to achieve specific performance in relation to the C1.10 group numbers.

Fire Rating or Fire Resistance Level (FRL) is used when buildings need segmentation, to prevent fire spreading from one building to another, or from one section of the building to another.

This is a measurement of a reliable fire-retardant wall system as a whole, for example, this is where a concrete wall is used, or multiple layers of fire retardant plasterboard, or special fire doors. This Fire Resistance Level (FRL) is measured in terms of minutes or hours of how long these products can resist the fire e.g. 60/60/60.

To read more about SUPAWOOD fire compliance, visit the Fire Hazard Properties page on our website.

If you have any further questions, reach out to us - we are happy to help!

Q. Are Customised SUPASLAT slatted wood panels compliant with Fire Compliance Group 1?

 A: Yes, provided that finished SUPASLAT is manufactured using FR MDF, FR Integrated Acoustic Textile and the finish is our concept veneer, SUPAFINISH or our SUPACOLOUR painted finish. Additionally, the visible surface area cannot exceed 238% in order to achieve Group 1. All of our standard SUPASLAT Profiles 1 to 5 achieve Group 1 in the described materials. Even Random Supaslat can be Fire Group 1, and Supawood have a standard profile for this called Profile 6.

random supaslat end view

Profile 6 Random configuration [drawing 2116A End View Only]

Q: Does Customized SUPASLAT affect Group Fire Compliance/Performance?

A: It depends on the surface area of the design. SUPAWOOD timber slat panels are unique in the market. But with our ratified Surface Area Calculator, the Accredited Testing Authority allows us to vary our design to suit an Architect or Interior Designer’s Intent provided the surface area of the design does not exceed the permitted tolerances allowed for Group 1 (238%), Group 2 (238%) and Group 3 (328%). For some finishes, the gap between slats must be at least 25mm.

Group 1 compliant Custom SUPASLAT timber slat panels are available in the SUPAFINISH and SUPACOLOUR finishes when less than 238% visible surface area.

Group 2 complaint Custom SUPASLAT timber slat panels are available in the SUPASURFACE V-SERIES and SUPASURFACE RFR-SERIES finishes when less than 238% visible surface area and the gap between slats is at least 25mm.

SUPASLAT timber slat panels in Group 3 includes fourteen species of solid timber including DRIFTWOOD if less than 328% visible surface area. These solid timber species are: Victorian Ash | Beech Myrtle | Blackbutt | Blackwood | Spotted Gum | Karri | American Oak | Tasmanian Oak | Baltic Pine | Hoop Pine | Radiata Pine | PNG Rosewood | Black Walnut | Western Red Cedar.

We work closely with Architects and Interior Designers at the Concept Stage to ensure the design not only matches the Intent but also the Compliance.

When Designers are specifying SUPAWOOD, they typically provide us with a dimensioned detail of the Concept and we put this through our Calculator to quickly determine whether it meets the necessary Group Fire compliance required for the project in accordance with NCC 2019 C1.10 Clause.4 Table 3. We then collaborate with designers to massage the design if it does not fall within the Surface Area limits for the required Group Fire rating.

It must be remembered our Surface Area Calculator and our determinations can only be applied to SUPAWOOD products because it is our Intellectual Property and SUPAWOOD has conducted live tests by the Accredited Testing Authority in accordance with AS 5637.1.

Our calculations and certifications cannot be applied to any other third-party product. The NCC is quite clear about this – if a product other than SUPAWOOD is substituted, the manufacturer of that product must provide its own Finished Product Accredited Testing Authority Group Fire Report in accordance with AS 5637.1 to meet the requirements of NCC 2019 C1.10 Clause.4 Table 3.

Without this, a project runs the high risk of bearing additional costs for the removal and replacement of the substitute non-compliant product. In real terms, does this actually happen? Absolutely.

Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW
Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW

Q. Pricing around Custom SUPASLAT? – Is it too expensive?

A: Customised SUPASLAT timber slat panels are sought after by Designers and Architects for timber slat ceilings and walls because it meets their unique aesthetic requirements as well as meeting all compliance requirements including Acoustics, Fire Compliance and Seismic compliance and sustainability requirements.

There are profiles and finishes to suit all budgets. SUPAWOOD is known for being highly collaborative and we always encourage Architects and Interior Designers to make full use of our practical experience and services at the Concept stage to ensure that all considerations of Intent, Buildability, Compliance and Budget are met.

We offer Value Management Workshops either face to face, via Zoom or MS Teams over the phone. Its good to remember that we have 22 years of rolling experience across a vast range of commercial projects and we are adept at providing cost saving options to suit.

There are a few practical considerations to bear in mind. With SUPASLAT, your substrate and finishes will be determined by the necessary Group Fire requirements for the given space within your commercial project. The finishes have a bearing on costs.

SUPAFINISH is the most cost effective besides providing Fire Group 1 compliance. SUPASURFACE V-SERIES and SUPASURFACE RFR-SERIES finishes are the second most cost effective and are available in Fire Group 2 compliance. They are typically 20% to 40% more and are textured finishes.

Natural Timber Veneers and solid timbers are approximately 40% to 70% or more, depending on the species and these configurations are all Group 3.

 Q. How much more would I expect to pay for custom or random SUPASLAT timber slat panels?

A: This depends on the design. A good rule of thumb here is that by increasing the spacing of the slats in your design, there is less material and therefore less cost. It’s important to remember that Designers have different aesthetics they are trying to achieve regarding the look and feel of the space, whether it be a timber slat ceiling or wall, there is no specific rate applicable to a customised design. What we do offer is free consultation to brainstorm your design to meet the budget constraints and we always encourage Designers to avail themselves of our service.

Q: Can I shape and customise SUPASLAT timber slat panels?

A: Yes. For an additional cost ranging from $200 to $250 per panel, we can shape the slatted wood panels within our factory. Alternatively, we also provide to installers a guide on panel shaping that is based on standard building industry methodology so that any qualified carpenter or partitions/ceiling installer can undertake the shaping. Bear in mind we can also provide access hatches to all of our SUPASLAT slatted wood panels regardless of the design or profile depth.

Q: What finishes can I apply to the profiles?

A: SUPAFINISH, SUPAVENEER NTV, SUPACOLOUR and SUPASURFACE V-Series, SUPASURFACE RFR-Series, DRIFTWOOD and 14 species of solid timber are available. There are some limitations so please refer to the following table:

Slat Type & Finish SUPASLAT Profile 1 SUPASLAT Profile 2 SUPASLAT Profile 3 SUPASLAT Profile 4 SUPASLAT Profile 5

Fire Group 1 or 3

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SUPACOLOUR (SCR) Fire Group 1 or 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fire Group 2 or 3

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fire Group 3

Yes Yes Yes Yes

Fire Group 3

Yes Yes

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