Great looks + quick install = SUPATILE!

THE SUPATILE RANGE of drop-in ceiling tiles add sophistication to any home or office.

The ceiling tiles come in various finishes and patterns allowing you to get creative. They lend excellent sound absorption improving the comfort and sound quality in a space. Used to conceal duct work, pipes and wires, drop ceiling tiles eliminate the need for costly renovations.

THE SUPATILE RANGE takes the quick installation and easy access of T-Bar suspended ceiling systems and combines it with the premium aesthetics of Acoustic Feature Ceilings. These product attributes allow contractors to drive down costs and enable property owners to easily change the aesthetics of a space.

In the future if you want something new, you can simply lift the tiles and rearrange them. Plus, many of our drop-in ceiling tile options are compatible with the standard ceiling grid making them ideal for refurbishments.

The advantages of SUPATILE drop-in ceiling tiles are:

Simple and quick installation means lower project costs.
100% hidden access to ceiling cavity
Mix & Match between all types
Available in a range of configurations
Excellent Acoustics.
Fire Retardant versions available.
Can be used in existing grids so are ideal for refurbishments
Durable and easy to clean


All of the SUPATILE range of drop-in ceiling tiles elevates the standards for ceiling tiles. They are designed to fit into the standard two-way T-bar grid, and allow you to accommodate whatever size or shape of room you have. The available designs are exciting and creative, transforming ceilings into tasteful focal points.

SUPATILE 3D, in particular, allows you to create three-dimensional effects and is intelligently designed for simple and cost-effective installation.

SUPATILE SLAT is a slatted ceiling tile and is are available in 5 profiles. The tiles can be arranged in such a way they create multi-directional effects.

SUPATILE DIT is slightly different in that it creates a more muted aesthetic. DIT tiles come in a flush drop-in option which creates sleek lines or a rebated option which creates shadow lines.

All three SUPATILE options can be combined easily with each other giving you a vast choice of options to create distinctive visual effects.

Feature Drop-In ceiling tiles


Fully accessible slatted ceiling system
Eye-catching 3D effects ceiling tiles

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