Macquarie University Graduation Hall, Macquarie Park NSW

Breathtaking aesthetics achieved with unique timber linings

SUPALINE decorative and SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels feature predominantly throughout the Graduation Hall, a central striking feature in the redevelopment of the Central Courtyard precinct at the Macquarie University in Macquarie Park NSW.

The designers, Architectus, were briefed to include a vast multi-purpose hall as part of the largest element in the project, a new multi-level building. Addressing acoustics in the design of this large open space was essential but also important was to blend the visual elements used to compliment with the surrounding milieu of the campus.

A key requirement of the design was to achieve a clear span within the lower level of the building to accommodate the vastness of the Graduation Hall. This meant heavy solid timber linings were not an option as the structure would not withstand the weight. A lighter alternative was required.

Having worked with SUPAWOOD on many successful projects in the past, Architectus and the other stake holders turned to us for advice. Our technical team worked closely with all to formulate a solution by suppling samples, detailed shop drawings and prototypes for the linings.

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The Graduation Hall is a space measuring about 45m long by 25m wide and sits within the expanse of the lower level of the building. The hall’s exterior perimeter is defined by walls of smooth SUPALINE panels finished in mismatched crown cut Tasmanian Blackwood natural timber veneer. The panels have been installed using concealed fixings with the crossbanding of the timber running horizontal along the walls.

A matching panel application has been carried through into the interior on the rear and side wall of the hall. The side walls are broken up with recessed black areas which correspond with the open sections of the suspended ceiling above. The panels in some parts of the walls, in particular the upper sections, are matched perforated SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels to help absorb echo in the space. Again, concealed fixings have been used.

The vast ceiling is made up of broad floating strips of pre-finished undulating triangular panels. This application achieves a reflective acoustic treatment to further address noise echo within the space. Lighting and other utilities have been integrated between the panel sections. These have also been applied with concealed fixings. The finish the mismatched crown cut Tasmanian Blackwood natural timber veneer to match the walls.

At the front of the hall is a stage area the front edge of which is trimmed with matching Tasmanian Blackwood. However, the focal point here is the wall behind the stage that has been lined with matching custom diamond shaped panels. The university’s lighthouse emblem has been etched into a panel and integrated in the centre of the other panels.

The unique timber species of Tasmanian Blackwood has added breathtaking aesthetics to this project highlighted by the creative way the grain of the timber has been applied.

Throughout this project SUPAWOOD provided full technical support, detailed shop drawings and where required prototypes. All panels were supplied pre-finished to ensure a speedy and smooth installation.

The end result is a space where impeccable attention to detail is very evident, the timber finish achieving an amazing feeling of warmth and the excellent acoustics complimenting any activity. This hall has now become a key focal point in the university campus.

Project: Macquarie University Graduation Hall – new build.

Address: 1CC Building, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park NSW


Walls: SUPALINE decorative and SUPACOUSTIC perforated (SP1) acoustic panels custom cut/shaped and installed with concealed fixings.

Ceiling: Custom SUPALINE pre-finished undulating triangular shaped panels installed with concealed fixings.

Finish: SUPAVENEER miss-matched crown cut Tasmanian Blackwood natural timber veneer.

Architect: Architectus

Builder: FDC

Installer: Interior Works

Photography: Fretwell Photography


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