St Marys Rugby League Club, St Marys NSW

St Marys Rugby League Club, St Marys NSW

Mixed applications of SUPALINE create interesting three-dimensional feature

Posted By: Colin Beattie   10th, March 2023

The recently completed St Marys rugby league club featured a mix of applications of the SUPAWOOD SUPALINE and SUPACOUSTIC panels in light oak finishes.

Within the lifts, foyer, and gaming room of the building, the most predominant of SUPAWOOD products is displayed, with solid ‘SUPALINE’ panels supplied to create a geometric 3D effect across ceilings and walls in the spaces.

SUPACOUSTIC panels were also supplied, featuring the consistent triangular theme, and offering Group 1 fire compliance. These pre-shaped panels were fabricated using 9mm MDF and fixed using our compliant fixing system to ensure they met the fire requirements of the building. Group fire ratings were, in fact, a key concern throughout all areas of the building, with our concept veneer laminate ‘Tas Oak’ finish used on most panels to give a real timber aesthetic, with higher fire retardancy.

Regarding the installation of the project, sub-framing was supplied by SUPAWOOD, to assist with the seamless installation of the wall feature linings.



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Project: St Marys Rugby League Club, St Marys NSW


SUPACOUSTIC SP1/80, Group 1, 9mm MDF substrate, Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

SUPALINE 3D geometric panelling, Group 1, Tas Oak SUPAFINISH

SUPALINE flat panels, Tas Oak SUPAFINISH and SUPASURFACE R-Series Natural Oak

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Builder: FDC Construction

Installer: CM Group

Architect: Bergstrom Architects

Photography: Brett Boardman Photography


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