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Making an impact with ceiling design

Whether it be a commercial or residential project, ceiling design plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal, improving acoustics, and defining an atmosphere. In this article, we'll explore some tips for making an impact with ceiling design.

Being an obvious component to any interior space, ceilings are among the top crucial architectural features in a design.

The height of the ceiling can affect how we perceive the space around us. Larger, more open spaces are generally regarded as more aesthetically pleasing and conducive to free thinking. Contrasting this, enclosed spaces with lower ceilings can feel hemmed-in and dark, or they can foster concentration – depending on the nature of the zone.

However, the height of the ceiling is not the only factor to be considered. Texture, acoustics, and colour can equally impact our experience. With many product options available today, we are no longer restricted to choices like plastered ceilings or tiled grids.

One of the first things to consider for ceiling design is the purpose of the space. Then select a decorative or acoustic ceiling panel system that not only meets the demands of day-to-day use but also matches the concept design.


Acoustic Panels For Ceilings

Certain environments require specific acoustic solutions to function as they are intended to. Lecture halls, auditoriums and cinemas, for example, require specific levels of engineered acoustics.

Most of SUPAWOOD decorative lining systems may be custom manufactured to suit with acoustic panel properties built into the backing.

SUPACOUSTIC Timber Acoustic Panels are a turn-key option for architects seeking an advanced decorative acoustic panel system that delivers enduring aesthetics, flexible form and superior acoustic performance for walls and ceilings.

As open-plan offices become more popular, timber acoustic panel ceiling solutions are becoming a standard gesture in work environments. The absence of permanent partitions or the presence of glass partitions means that ceilings play a more significant role in absorbing rising noise levels..

A ceiling that absorbs sound can help to reduce noise pollution in a busy space.

Alternatively, you may want to create a more modern and sleek look. A linear ceiling with a minimalist design can achieve this - SUPACOUSTIC perforated acoustic panels offer acoustic performance and effortless aesthetics.

Designed to enhance any space with an architectural appeal, the SUPACOUSTIC decorative acoustic panels boast exceptional sound attenuation and absorption capabilities, delivering crystal-clear acoustics in even the most challenging environments.

Easily specified and installed to walls and ceilings, SUPACOUSTIC decorative acoustic panels  are durable, fire-compliant, seismic-compliant, and sustainably manufactured acoustic panel systems that activate high-impact ambience in any interior.

Available as perforated acoustic panels, slotted or grooved designs with Natural Timber Veneer (NTV), Laminates (SF) or Colour Painted finish, SUPACOUSTIC timber acoustic panels are loaded with compliance certainty.

Enquire today if you would like to discuss the use of acoustic panels for your next project.

Decorative Timber Ceiling Beams & Geometric Timber Ceilings

Another architectural solution is having decorative beams installed on the ceilings. While solid timber beams can be quite restrictive and difficult to install into many environments due to their heavy weight, SUPAWOOD offers lightweight options in a number of natural timber veneers, and concept veneer finish options.

MAXI BEAM lightweight timber beam system enables designers and installers to achieve the aesthetics of long-lasting, natural beauty of natural wood without the challenges of working with heavy, solid structural timber beams. Choose from our extensive range of timber ceiling beams and wall beams, available in many different sizes, shapes and finishes, designed to suit your requirements.

WAFFLE BLADES is a cost-effective architectural ceiling system that seamlessly achieves striking geometric effects. From the dazzling cross, saltire and box patterns to complex multi-point starbursts, if you can imagine it, it’s possible with Waffle Blades. Waffle Blades opens an incredible array of design possibilities without compromising services, access or your budget.

WAVE BLADES are SUPAWOOD’s prefinished contoured wooden blade system for feature walls and ceilings. In the past, creating sculpted or contoured ceilings and walls was challenging, but now Supawood offers 3D modelling services for our contoured wooden blade features.

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Timber Slats for Ceilings

SUPASLAT Timber Slats is a modular timber slat panel system designed for creating decorative timber slat ceilings, dynamic feature walls, custom shaped and curved interiors.

SUPASLAT Aluminium Slats is a highly durable extruded aluminium slat panel system which is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It is non-combustible to NCC 2019 C1.9 and AS1530.3, completely moisture resistant and available in acoustic options. Choose from a vast range of anodised, powder coated and external wood grain finishes.

Curved Ceilings

Sourcing, specifying and installing products for curved walls and ceilings has long been a pain point for architects, designers and builders alike.

Faced with challenges like limited product availability, strict compliance, custom fabrication costs, project compatibility, material performance, specification accuracy, and high costs for sourcing and installation - curved interiors haven’t traditionally been a cost-effective or viable option for generations.

From bespoke curved feature wall panels to curved ceiling panel systems and everything in between, SUPAWOOD’s high-quality interior lining systems are designed to achieve stunning curves with architectural appeal with ease.

For curved ceilings, check out SUPACOUSTIC acoustic panels, SUPASLAT modular timber slat panels, DRIFTWOOD rustic timber panels and SUPALINE decorative wall and ceiling panel system for achieving sophisticated curves, geometric shapes and architectural designs for any interior. SUPAWOOD decorative panel systems enable the creation of smooth concave, convex or s-curves for the project interiors with bulging or ripples.

Learn more about Curved Interiors

Other Impactful Ceiling Design Features to Consider

Lighting is a crucial element of ceiling design. The right lighting can create a particular mood or highlight specific areas of the space. For example, a restaurant may use dimmer lighting over tables to create an intimate atmosphere, while brighter lighting can be used in the bar area to create a more lively atmosphere.

Natural light that filters in throughout the day has an incredible ability to transform the impact of decorative timber panels and timber acoustic panels. Natural light at different times in the day has a different impact on the characteristics of ceiling designs.

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Practical Ceiling Installations

SUPAWOOD’s entire range of decorative lining systems are designed to be customised and fit around existing or planned lighting, air vents, air-conditioning, water infrastructure and other important services, eliminating the need for on-site cutting and adjustment of panels.

In conclusion, ceiling design can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of a space. By considering the purpose of the space, acoustics, materials, lighting, and bespoke designs, you can create a unique and welcoming atmosphere that enhances the space's overall appeal.

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Reach out today to discuss your ceiling design in depth. We look forward to collaborating with you on your next ceiling design!

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